De Scriptis Berardianis Disputationes

Praecursus tandem confectus!

Praecursus cover

Stephanus lectoribus suis s.p.d. 

Heptologiae Sphingis secunda pars, cui est titulus Praecursus: Fabula Neophysiologica, iam conscripta est atque nunc ipsum a quibusdam doctis censoribus legitur … scilicet ut hi, si velint, laudes suas primae editioni addant. Aliquando hoc anno, forsan ante aestatem, divulgatum iri videtur. 

Ego nunc me paro ad tertiam fabulam, Eos: Carmen Methistoricum, conscribendam. Pro studio vestro gratias magnas ago. 


Praecursus finally done!

Dear Readers, 

Praecursus: Fabula Neophysiologica, the second part of the Sphinx Heptology, is currently being read by certain learned reviewers so that they will have the opportunity to add their recommendations to the first edition, should they choose to do so. It should be coming out this year, maybe before the summer. 

I’m now preparing to write Eos: Carmen Methistoricum

Many thanks for your interest. 


Cataractae Taberna Hodie in Rete Instituta!

Stephanus lectoribus sal.

Propter hodiernorum instrumentorum lectoriorum varietatem maximam liber c.t. "Capti" nunciam in formis EPUB et MOBI venum datur. Exemplaria iam probata sunt legique possunt per programmata applicabilia "iBooks," "NOOK," "Adobe Digital Editions" necnon per harum societatum programmata lectoria quae in solitis computatoriis ponuntur.

Maximo emolumento est quod hoc in situ, apud Cataractae Tabernam, emi possunt exemplaria electronica. (Praebentur et vincula cum sitibus ubi veneunt et exemplaria chartacea.)

Ad cupidinem legendi stimulandam prima tria "Captorum" capita in formis PDF et EPUB gratis depromi licet. (Indice nostro interretiali freti illa verba invenietis de quibus solita lexica classica silent.


Gratias magnas vobis in antecessum agimus si hunc nuntium amicis vestris Latine doctis tradetis.


The Cataracta Store went live today!

In order to accommodate the wide range of digital reading devices in the world, Capti is now available in EPUB and MOBI formats. These have been tested and are readable with the iBooks, NOOK and Kindle apps and Adobe Digital Editions as well as their desktop computer counterparts.

The best part is you can buy the eBooks directly through this website at the Cataracta Store! (There are also links to the printed editions.)

To whet your appetite, we are also offering PDF and EPUB editions of the first three chapters of Capti, available as a free download. (Use the online Index for words you won't find in your dictionary.


Thank you for passing the word along to your Latin-speaking friends.


Capti ut Liber Electronicus Iterum Praesto

Stephanus Latine legentibus s.p.d.

Illius fabulae cui est titulus Capti exemplaria electronica “NOOK Book” iam inde ab hodierno die emi possunt 9.99 thaleris. Licet etiam specimen (sc. paene tota prima tria capita) seu in Interrete seu deprompta gratis evolvere.

Si cui, sicut et mihi, nullum est instrumentum NOOK, “NOOK for Web” gratis usurpare poterit sive “NOOK for Windows” depromere necnon programmata applicabilia NOOK (ad iPad, iPhone, Android).  (In ima pagina Interretiali Barnes & Noble coniunctiones invenietis cum locis ubi haec optiones praebentur.)

Eis qui amicos suos Latine legere valentes de hoc libro electronico certiores facient maximas gratias in antecessum ago.  Valete!

Capti eBook Available Again

The NOOK Book version of Capti was published today and is selling for $9.99. You may also read online or download a free sample of the first three chapters (minus a few pages).

If you're like me and don't own a NOOK device, please use NOOK for Web or download NOOK for Windows 8 or a NOOK app (iPad, iPhone, Android). (Scroll to the bottom of the Barnes & Noble web page for links to these options.)

Thank you for sharing this information with your Latin-speaking friends and helping me get the word out!


Pro "Kindle Book" substituetur "Nook Book"

Amazones, fato dolendo, libros electronicos Kindle Latine scriptos hoc tempore non sustinent.  Cum enim omnes libros Kindle nuper detraxerint, eos per nuntios electronicos petivi ut hoc imprudentissimum decretum suum quam primum rescindant.

Quoniam autem Barnes & Noble Nook Books Latinitatem admittunt necnon et exstant applicationes legendi gratuitae ad telephonia SmartPhones tabellasque atque Interrete aptatae, Captorum exemplaria electronica Nook ante medium mensem Iulium in promptu fore exspectamus.

Pro patientia vestra maximas vobis habemus gratias!


Nook Book to Replace Kindle Book

I regret to announce that Amazon is not currently supporting Kindle books in Latin. They have pulled all Kindle eBooks in Latin. I have written to them and hope that this decision will be reversed soon.

In the meantime, Barnes & Noble Nook Books do support the Latin language and there are free reading apps for SmartPhones, tablets and the Web. 

The Nook ebook version of Capti will be available by mid-July.

Thank you for your patience!

De Heptologiae Libro Secundo

Heptologiae secundi libri, c. t. Praecursus, bene sed lente procedit conscriptio. Nunc temporis paginae fere tricentisimae vicesimae tertiae insudo.  Labores professorales nunc instant nimis multi.  Aestate autem ventura satis vacabo; paulo post insequentem, sc. autumno anni MMXV, hunc librum tandem divulgatum iri spero.  Nunc valete!

Hic ice ut excerpta videas!

Plura de Heptologia Sphingis

Book Two of the Sphinx Heptology

Writing the second book of the Heptology, Praecursus, is proceeding well but slowly. At this point I'm working on approximately page 323. I have too many professorial duties! But, this summer I am going to be quite free, and I hope to finish and publish the book in autumn 2015. So…back to work!

Sample pages

More about the Sphinx Heptology

Captorum editio electronica modo divulgata!

Electronica editio illius libri Capti titulo inscripti inde ab hodierno die 9.99 thaleris Americanis venum datur! Si exemplar chartaceum iam possides, electronicum pretio imminuto 2.99 thalerorum tibi emere licebit.

Capti eBook Published!

The eBook edition of Capti went live on Amazon this morning for $9.99 (US$)! If you already own the printed edition, the eBook is available at the special price of $2.99.

Vide Pro "Kindle Book" substituetur "Nook Book"

"Capti" nunc in promptu

Inde a die xxx m. Oct. editio altera et retractata libri cuius titulus est Capti apud domum editricem AuthorHouse necnon apud Amazon et Barnes and Noble venit; vel apud librariam tibi acceptissimam postulari potest. Exemplaria electronica eBook mox praesto erunt.

As of October 30th, the second, revised edition of Capti is available for purchase from the publisher AuthorHouse as well as from Amazon and Barnes and Noble ; or order it through your favorite bookstore. The new eBook version will be coming out very soon.


"Captorum" nova editio paratur

Hoc temporis momento liber titulo Capti inscriptus neque apud Amazonios neque alibi venum datur quia editionem secundam nuper paravi; quae ab editoribus tractatur atque mox, fortasse ineunte mense Octobri huius anni, emi poterit. Praesto erit etiam “verborum fluentium” libellus electronicus, cuius pretium erit $10. In novo exemplari tantummodo digiti lapsus aliquot emendavi, macrorum usum paulo purgavi, in versibus elisiones aliquot asperiores demovi, et ita porro. Nil magnopere mutavi. Heptologiam Sphingis scilicet quam optimam reddere cupio.

Capti is currently delisted (unavailable from Amazon and other vendors) because I have been preparing a second, revised edition. This is currently being processed by the publisher and should be available soon (probably early October 2013). There will also be an ebook version with flowing text priced at $10. In the new version I have simply corrected a few typos, changed some macrons (long marks), omitted some harsh elisions in the poetry, etc.  No major changes at all. I’d like all the books in the Sphinx Heptology to be as nearly perfect as possible.


De hoc diario

Hunc diarium electronicum condidimus ego et situs magistra ut lectores me de librorum meorum singulis rogent aut inter se scripta mea tractent; nam iam saepius de operibus consiliisque meis sum rogatus et, si “blogo” utemur, non necesse erit mihi easdem expositiones saepius repetere.  Hortantur scriptores ut Latino sermone utantur, ego autem etiam ad commentarios sive Anglice sive Hispanice sive Theodisce scriptos respondere conabor. Talium “blogorum” lex plane viget: sc. accipentur neque inepta neque obscena nec contumeliae.

Because I am often asked about my writing and plans for future books, I am initiating this blog so that readers can ask me questions or else discuss them among one another. I encourage writers to use Latin, but I'll also try to to respond to comments made in English, Spanish, and German. Of course the usual rules for blogs apply: irrelevant, obscene or insulting texts won't be accepted. Thanks!


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