Generative Case Theory and Philological Method

by Stephen A. Berard

haec pagina latine

As language users and instructors, we are continually involved in the process of (1) assigning grammatical functions to words, (2) interpreting the grammatical functions of words, and (3) helping our students perform both of these tasks. However, the ways in which words actually discharge grammatical functions are surprisingly subtle and complex and often transcend the morphological or structural (word-order-specific) prescriptions for syntactic analysis given in introductory grammars. This study focuses on relatively highly inflected language in which, unlike the structural/configurational English language, there is a rich suppletive interaction among three different modalities for linking lexemes to GFs: morphology, structure, and pragmatics. The framework is Government and Binding with the stipulations made in Berard (1993) and (1995).

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