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Published works:

Capti: Fabula Menippeo-Hoffmanniana Americana, Cataracta / Author House.  Wenatchee: 2011. [Book I of Heptologiae Sphingis (The Sphinx Heptology).] English description and reviews; text in Latin only.

"De Artis Cinematographicae Morte." ("The Death of Cinema.")  Melissa, vol. 158. Ed. Gaius Licoppe and Francisca Deraedt. Brussels: Nov. 2010. Available in English and Latin.

De Philosophia Quantali deque Institutione Publica. Melissa. Brussels: 2004. English description; text in Latin only.

"Laus Necrophiliae" (a satirical essay in favor of spoken Latin). The American Classical League Newsletter, April 2003. Available in Latin only.

De Theoria Casuum Generativa deque Methodo Philologica. Melissa Foundation monograph. Ed. Gaius Licoppe and Francisca Deraedt. Brussels: Jan. 2002. Available in Latin only.

In progress:

De Philosophia Quantali deque Institutione Publica, ebook version.

"The Firebird," a story excerpted from Capti. This multimedia iBook features a recorded reading of the story by Stephanus Berard and includes an expanded glossary plus illustrations.

Praecursus: Fabula Neophysiologica. [Book II of Heptologia Sphingis (Sphinx Heptology).]

Vita Nostra: Subsidia ad Colloquia Latina (Materials for Conversing in Latin), vols. I, II and III.

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