11 die mensis Novembris anni MMXIII

Stephanus Latine loquentibus Boreoccidentalibus s.p.d.

Die xxiii mensis Novembris museum artium cui nomen est Frye (http://fryemuseum.org/) invisemus, ubi nunc exponuntur picturae permultae, generis maxima ex parte romantici, necnon et complures picturae romanticophantasticae pictoris illius Germani Francisci von Stuck. Optima occasio erit permultarum rerum perdiversarum describendarum.

Cum museum hodie clausum est, nunc plura consilia capere non licet. Vt solemus autem undecima hora matutina conveniemus.  Cum venturo die Saturni Seattli versabor, omnia singula tunc constituere potero, quae die Solis, xvii huius mensis, vobis tradam. Curate autem nunc in antecessum ut die xxiii vacui sitis. Vt solemus, post museum inspectum plura suscipiemus et ei qui velint cenam maturam una sument.

Nunc valete!




Dear Northwestern Latin Speakers:

On November 23rd we’ll be getting together at the Frye Museum (http://fryemuseum.org/), where there is not only a large collection of mostly Romantic-style paintings but also an exhibit of romantic-fantastic works of the famous German painter Franz von Stuck.  This will be an excellent opportunity for us to describe a huge variety of different things.

Since the museum is closed today, I can’t make any more plans right now.  We’ll be getting together as usual at 11:00 am, though.  Next weekend I’ll be in Seattle and will be able to make some more specific plans…which I’ll pass on to you all on Sunday the 17th.  But please take opportunity to clear your schedules in advance for the 23rd.  As usual, after our visit to the museum, we’ll do some other things and whoever would like to will be able to to have an early dinner speaking Latin.

Bye for now!


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