17 die mensis Novembris anni MMXIII

Stephanus Latine loquentibus Boreoccidentalibus sal.

Constitutis nunc pluribus singulis, consilia nostra vobis tandem patefacere licet.

Vndecima hora in Musei Frye (http://fryemuseum.org/) popina congregabimur.  Cum nullum sit solvendum intrandi pretium, nobis omnibus gratis intrare licebit.  Cum per ostium anticum (in Via Terry prope Viam Cherry positum) intraveritis, sine dubio sacci sarcinaeque vestrae ministris erunt commendandae.  Deinde sinistrorsum flectendum erit ac per andronem longum usque ad popinum pergendum, quae a sinistra sita est.  Ibi potiones sorbillantes colloquemur, dein duodecima fere hora prandebimus.  (Cibos sapidos haud magno pretio.  Pastillum fartum una cum iusculo novem fere thaleris constat.)

Post prandium museum inspiciemus: scilicet et

(1)  magnam expositionem picturarum Francisci von Stuck, magni momenti artificis qui multos notos alios docuit velut Paulum Klee et Regem Kandinsky et cuius argumenta sunt nunc classica nunc biblica nunc Darwiniana cuiusque genus pingendi est fere Artis Novae (Art Nouveau) vocandum (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Franz_Stuck)

(2)  et maximam sellariam magno numero picturarum Romanticarum refertam. 

Postea, ut mihi quidem videtur, magnum conclave quoddam, scilicet magna artificum fabrica tabula atra cretaque instructa, nobis praebebitur ubi plura Latine loquentes suscipere poterimus.  Equidem auctor sum ut in illo lusu cuius nomen est “Gerrae!” (Balderdash!) versemur.  (http://www.hasbro.com/common/instruct/Balderdash.PDF)  Ego verba definienda difficilia necnon et schidulas chartaceas aptas afferam.  Ego atque forsan alter magister participes definitiones scribentes adiuvabimus.

Qui velint adhuc Latine loquentes in popina nomine Ayutthaya (http://www.ayutthayathai.com/) cenabunt.

In diem Saturni!  Valete!


Dear Latin Speakers of the Northwest,

Now that most of the details have been worked out, I can give you our specific plans.

We’ll be meeting at 11:00am in the café of the Frye Art Museum (http://fryemuseum.org/).  Entrance to the museum is free.  When you enter through the main doorway (on Terry near Cherry) you will undoubtedly have to give your bags and packages to the attendants.  Then turn left and proceed all the way down the hallway to the café, which is on the left.  We’ll be there having coffee or whatever and chatting until about noon, when we’ll have lunch.  (Tasty food at pretty reasonable prices.  You can get soup and sandwich for about nine bucks.)

After lunch we’ll check out the museum, i.e.,

(1)  the big Franz von Stuck exhibit (He was an important painter who taught some of the greats like Paul Klee and Wasilly Kandinsky.  He worked with classical, biblical, and Darwinian themes in a basically Art Nouveau style: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Franz_Stuck)

(2)  the big parlor full of a huge number of mostly Romantic paintings

Afterwards, I think we’ll be getting the use of a big studio furnished with a blackboard and chalk where we’ll be able to continue our Latin Day.  I suggest we play Balderdash in Latin.  (http://www.hasbro.com/common/instruct/Balderdash.PDF)  I’ll bring the rare words to be defined and will supply appropriate slips of paper for writing definitions.  I and perhaps one other teacher will help the players compose their definitions.

Those who would like to will dine in Latin at Ayutthaya (http://www.ayutthayathai.com/).

See you Saturday!


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