13 die mensis Novembris anni MMXV

Stephanus Boreoccidentalibus sal.

Vicesimo primo die huius mensis habebitur prima huius anni scholaris Commoratio!

Vndecima hora in thermopolio Caffé Ladro (108 Union St, Seattle, WA 98101 206-267-0600) congregabimur. Vndecima fere cum dodrante ad prandium sumendum discedemus. Illa proxima popina Mexicana ubi antea prandere solebamus non iam exstat, quare suadeo ut ad popinam nomine Lowell's eamus quae in macello Pike's Place inest (206-622-2036). Post prandium sumptum, prima fere hora semis Museum Artium Seattlense adibimus, ubi expositionem picturarum impressionisticarum invisemus. Postea sine dubio urbem perlustrabimus. Ei qui adhuc Latine loquentes cenare velint poterunt, forsan apud Trattoria Mitchelli.

Hi quattuor discipuli tesseras gratis accipient: Catherina, Sophia, Trinitas, Gratianus. Quia Beniamus noster, fato dolendo, adesse non poterit, restat adhuc una tessera discipulo apta, quam accipiet primus discipulus qui petiverit. Restat etiam nunc alia tessera cuivis homini apta, quam accipiet quiscumque petens, seu discipulus seu magister seu allius. Quaerendo impetrabis! 

In diem xxi!  Valete!  


Dear Northwesterners!

Our next Latin Day is on the 21st of this month!

We'll meet at 11:00 at Caffé Ladro (108 Union St, Seattle 206-267-0600).  At about 11:45 we'll take off to find lunch.  Unfortunately, the Mexican restaurant where we used to have lunch when near the museum is not there any more; so I suggest we go to Lowell's in the Pike Place Market (206-622-2036).  After lunch at around 1:30, we'll head for the Seattle Art Museum to take in the Impressionism exhibit.  After that we'll probably go for a walk.  Those who would like to can have an early dinner still speaking Latin will do so, maybe at Trattoria Mitchelli.

These four students will receive free tickets: Catherina, Sophia, Trinitas, Gratianus. Since Ben unfortunately can't come this time, there's another student ticket still available, which will go to whichever student claims it first. There's also now one more ticket that can go to anyone, student, teacher or whatever. Come and get it!

See you on the 21st!


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