De Die Venturae Commorationis Mutando

Stephanus Boreoccidentalibus Latine Loquentibus s.p.d.

Eduardus noster, ob causas modo heri ab eo animadversas, a me modo petivit ne vicesimo die mensis Maii sed potius ut die sexto, sc. primo illius mensis die Saturni, Bellinghamiae conveniamus. Equidem consilia propria mutare valeam; timeo autem ne qui vestrum nequeant. Si quis igitur nobiscum Bellinghamiae commorari velit, die autem sexto non possit, faciat hic me quam primum (hoc biduo) certiorem. Ob incommoda quaecumque hac petitione creata veniam sincere peto. Valete!


Dear Northwestern Latin Speakers,

Eduardus just recently realized that the date of May 6th, the first Saturday in May, will work much better for the upcoming Latin Day in Bellingham than May 20th, the day on which it was scheduled back in September. I can change my own plans, but I'm afraid there will be those who won't be able to.  So if anyone would like to join us in Bellingham but simply can't do so on May 6th please let me know within the next couple of days. I'm very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.


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