28 die mensis Martii anni MMXVI

9 d. m. Aprilis Tahomae congregabimur!

Consilium captum est ut maximum pulcherrimumque “Museum Autocinetorum Americanum” Tahomense invisamus! Undecima hora semis in ipsius musei thermopolio conveniemus ibique potiones bibemus et qui velint ibidem prandebunt. Post prandium museum intrabimus trescentasque raedas ibi expositas mirabimur. Tertia fere hora vel paulo post ad Freighthouse Square, sive “Macellum Traminum Onerariorum,” procedemus atque quarta fere hora in Tacoma Culture Center, sive “Praetorio Cultus Civilis Tahomensi,” brevem acroasin audiemus de artibus et cultu indigenarum Americanarum. In ipso macello est et “circus merendarius” ubi cenare cupientes pervarios cibos e multis popinis petere poterunt.

Praecepta ad Iter Faciendum:

Ex septentrionibus per Viam Publicam 5 venientes exeant per exitum 133 ad Viam XXVI et in curriculo dextero maneant.  Dein in secundam viam transversam, Viam D Orientalem (“East D St.”) dextrorsum flectant.  Museum mox a dextra parte videbitur.  Bellinghamiensibus erit hoc iter duarum fere horarum et dimidiae.  Ostium praecipuum intrantes nolite ad locum tesserarum emendarum ire sed potius illas scalas ascendite quas a sinistra parte videbitis et quae ad thermopolium vos ducent.


Oro atque obsecro ut omnes participare volentes nomen mihi quam primum dent ut numerus noster sciam; nam, si grex noster satis magnus erit, pretio imminuto tesseras nostras emere poterimus.  Est mihi pecunia ad tesseras pro septem discipulis emendas.

Ecce vocabulorum index (1) et (2) huic nuntio adiunctus!



Our next Latin Day will be on Saturday April 9th!

We have made plans to visit the huge and beautiful America’s Car Museum in Tacoma! We’ll meet at 11:30 in the museum’s café, where we’ll have hot drinks and/or lunch. After lunch we’ll enter the museum and marvel at the 300 cars exhibited there.  At around 3:00 or a little after, we’ll head for Freighthouse Square, where at 4:00 we’ll listen to a presentation on Native American arts and culture. Inside Freighthouse Square there is a food court where those wanting to dine will have a large variety of types of food to choose from.


Those coming down I-5 from the north should take exit 133 onto E 26th St.  Remain in the right lane and turn right at the second cross street, which is East D St. You’ll see the museum on the right. For those coming from Bellingham, this will be about a two-and-a-half hour trip. Upon entering the museum, don’t go to the ticket counter but take the stairs you’ll see on the far left.  These lead to the café.

A Request:

Please let me know as soon as possible if you’re planning to come since I need to know how many of us there will be. If our group is big enough, we’ll be able to get a reduced rate on tickets. I’ll be able to pay for the first seven students.

Note the vocabulary lists (1) and (2) attached to this message!


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