16 die mensis Maii anni MMXVI

XXVIII Die Mensis Maii Latine Loquentes Commorabimur!

Stephanus Boreoccidentalibus s.p.d.

Vicesimo octavo die huius mensis Bellinghamiae conveniemus ad varia iucunda Latine loquentes facienda! Vndecima fere hora cum quadrante apud popinam Colphonem incipiemus.

Praecepta eis qui una mecum aliisque “meridianis” Bellinghamiam petent:

Qui die vicesimo octavo e meridie proficiscentur nona hora cum dodrante in illa interversantium area stativa Lynnwoodiana congrediemur quae ad Viam 164 et iuxta Iter 5 sita est. Ex Itinere 5 exite ad Viam 164, sinistrorsum sive ad occidentem versus flectite, dein, postquam per viaeductum Iter 5 transieritis, in Viam Fraxini, sive “Ash Way” dextrorsum flectite. Cum primum licuerit iterum dextrorsum flectite in aream stativam. Deinde statim bis sinistrorsum flectite.  Scilicet nos in areae angulo meridiano et occidentali, sive “meridioccidentali” conveniemus atque inter vehicula nostra distribuemur. Decima hora viam capessemus. Vndecima fere hora cum quadrante nos ad Colophonem popinam  perventuros esse exspecto.

In proximum!




Greetings, Northwestern Latin Speakers!

We’ll be getting together on the 28th in Bellingham to do lots of fun things!  We’ll be starting off at the Colophon Café at around 11:15.

Directions for those riding with me and the other “southerners”:

So those who will be heading up from the south on the 28th should gather at 9:45 at the park-and-ride that’s located near the intersection of I-5 and 164th in Lynnwood. Exit I-5 at 164th and turn left, i.e., west; then, after you cross over I-5, turn right onto Ash Way. Turn right at the first opportunity into the park-and-ride; then immediately make two lefts. We’re meeting in the southwest corner of the lot. We’ll get on the road at 10:00. I expect that we’ll arrive at the Colophon Café by 11:15 or so but possibly a little after.

See you soon!


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